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Welcome to Flanigan_Daily, a LiveJournal spot for Joe Flanigan pictures. If you have a LiveJournal and you're a fan of Joe, why not join? If you are LiveJournal-less, well, either get yourself one or just sit back and you can still enjoy the pretty!

There are a few rules to this community, but they're not that hard to follow...

01. With every post comes a picture! This is what the "_daily" thing is all about, right? Talk about Joe all you want - talk about anything Joe related you want (within reason; ie: no spreading rumors about his personal life, and always be respectful, he's a person, not a thing.) - just make sure you include a picture or pictures of Joe or any of his characters (NO SLASH OF ANY KIND there are other communities out there for that.

02. NO DIRECT LINKING! Unless you are the webmaster of said Joe Flanigan site, please do not direct link to other people's pictures. It eats up bandwidth that they pay for. It's theft, and you could be costing someone money. So don't do it!

If you are found to be direct linking to pictures from a site in which you are not the webmaster, you will be warned once and your entry deleted, and if you do it again, you will be booted from the community. You can use a free image hosting site such as photobucket

03. Please put pictures behind and LJ cut. This keeps our community's front page neat and clean, and we like that. I don't care how big or small the picture is, it has to be behind an LJ cut. If it isn't, you'll get one warning to edit your post before it's deleted. I don't want to be a post nazi about this, so don't make me one. I'll give you one warning and some time (at least one day, but probably a little more) to edit your post. If it's not done, then I will delete it. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, click here.

Questions, suggestions, wanna affiliate? Feel free to contact me.

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